Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Review on an awesome site :)

I wanted to tell you a little about the site that i have been doing in lately. The name of the site is (P2S). This isn't a 'Get Free Things' site. Really, nothing in life is free. However, this is a site that you can use to EARN things that you would otherwise have to pay for. And I'm loving P2S :)
I know, you're probably thinking 'How is that possible?!' well, its possible because advertisers place their links on the points2shop website. Then members, like myself, go and complete the offers that we are interested in. When i do an offer, P2S gets paid for bringing me to that advertisers website. When P2S gets paid, they give me a portion of that payment so that i can then get things from
If you need to know more information you can check their forums where members post the things that they have received for earning points on the P2S website. Or you can email me at and i'll do my best to help you.
Thank you for taking the time to read this information and i hope to see you earning points soon!
I will provide my link if you decide to join :) If u use my referral link we both get credit. either click the link below or the pic with my info :D but if neither work then copy and paste to ur web browser
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